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Upcoming Events

Jun 23, 2018
10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Car Wash @ Rivera Auto (attend at least 2)

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Grocery Cards


Purchasing gift cards is an easy way to raise funds towards future band-related fees and expenses, even instruments or private lessons!  When a band or guard student (or family member) buys gift cards from the GMHS Band Boosters, 4% of the purchase price is added to that student's music account and at least 1% goes toward band programs at our school.

We try to keep many gift cards available year-round to the stores and restaurants listed below.  At certain times throughout the year, band parents may place special orders for gift cards that offer a rebate of at least 4%. Here is the link to the retailer list and rebate percentages.

To buy cards, contact Brenda at or Lynn, at 970-769-4339.

Reloadable grocery cards are great for alumnisenior band parents who have already paid all band fees, and those who simply want to support the band. Although the reloadable cards cannot be used to earn money for students' accounts, 5% of all amounts loaded on the cards benefits the GMHS band programs. Please consider using reloadable Safeway and King Soopers cards. Safeway reloadables may be spent and reloaded at both  Albertsons and Safeway locations.

Gift cards are one of the best fundraisers, because there is no selling (unless you want to!).  For an average family spending $150 per week at the store all year, if you purchase grocery cards through the Boosters, you are putting $312.00 into your student music account and $78.00 into the Boosters account to support band programs. If you can get just one other family to purchase grocery cards from you at the same rate, you are well on your way to having any trips the band may take paid for.

Gift cards usually in stock are:

Grocery: King Soopers $100, $50, $25  and Safeway $100, $50, $25

Fast Food:  Starbucks $25 and $10   Chipotle $10   Noodles $10   Panera $25     Qdoba $25     Subway $10

Dining:      Chili’s/Macaroni Grill $25       On the Border/Maggiano’s $25       Old Chicago/Rock Bottom $25   

Various:  Barnes and Noble $25, $10   Bed, Bath & Beyond $25         Regal Entertainment $25 (includes United Artist Theaters at Colorado Mills and Denver West)     Cinemark Theaters $25 (includes Century Theaters at Belmar)        AMC  $25 (includes Bowles Crossing at Wadsworth) 

ScripNow (paper certificates with bar codes) are great for big purchases at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Southwest Airlines. Contact Brenda at or Lynn, at 970-769-4339 or for details about ScripNow or to buy cards or place orders.